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I remember the day vividly in 1999. It was pre-Y2K, pre-iPhone, pre-Tim Bartman getting blamed for the Cubs Play-off-Flub and there still two tall twin buildings standing in New York.  A group of us were sitting in a small room at Solheim Center, the swank sports complex associated with Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. The meeting was with Larry the White Guy (the world’s most effective youth pastor, in spite of lack of skin pigment and official Youth Pastor degree), an MBA student named Scott Greziak, Joel Hamernick, Don Stubbs and a few others. We were planning to kick off a new outreach program for the teens left in the crumbling Cabrini Projects a short walk from where we were sitting. The name of the outreach would be SLAM!, an acronym for Saving Lives in Athletic Ministry. more >>>

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