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Lesson Idea: the Etch-a-Sketch Effect

Ever have those days when you wish you could shake your life like an Etch-a-Sketch and start over? As certain as Adam wished he would've had a V8 instead of the apple, most of us made decisions we wish we could undo. It might be getting a tattoo, not staying in school, or popping off to a family member. But whatever we regret, we can have a clean slate with God. And what better way to demonstrate it than with an Etch-A-Sketch lesson.

It all starts with the verse below:

Etch a Sketch Verse

Where is the god who can compare with you -
   wiping the slate clean of guilt,
Turning a blind eye, a deaf ear,
   to the past sins of your purged and precious people?

(Micah 7:18 the message)

Before the lesson:

Find your inner DiVinci and draw something on your Etch a Sketch.

What to do:

Arrange chairs in your youth center in a circle. Share with teens an Etch-a-Sketch moment in your life, an instance that you wish you could erase!

Next share an Etch a Sketch verse (Micah 7:18 is a good one) Shake up the Etch a Sketch and pass it on. Give each youth a chance to share an etch an Etch-a-Sketch moment in their lives that they want God to erase. It could be something they did or something that happened to them.

Affirm with teens

Even if they remember their mistakes and bad decisions, God does not. God gives all of us second chance to start over, and a third, fourth and even a three-hundred -sixty-seventh-thousand-and-eleventh chance.

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