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TastyFaith's Guide to Christianese is a must-have for ministry and outreach. Or, better yet, share you pocket guide with non-believing friends. Not only will it help the new-believer adjust to some of the odd terms Christians use, it's a lot of fun to read. Order your copy today.

Christianese - Fun Translations to Stale Church Language!

TastyFaith's Pocket Guide to Christianese is a must-have for anyone in ministry. Now, the second edition has even more fun entries. Click here for a free sample page.

christianese: (kris'ch nez') n. 1. Language spoken by church goers that is seldom understood by anyone else. 2. Learn how to stop speaking Christianese with a Pocket Guide to Christianese from TastyFaith

When you share your faith, do you sound like a dummy, using language that's really religious, but not very real? Then check out TastyFaith's guide to Christianese.It's full of fresh translations to stale church language.

Filled with hundreds of popular Christian terms, it gives you unchurchy ways to share the message of Christ with friends, co-workers, outreach, and even dysfunctional relatives

Get fresh alternatives to churchy Chistianese phrases such as:

Born Again Christian: someone who has started a new life in Christ. Friendlier Phrases: changed, I'm new and improved, new identity, a do-over, recycled life, reformatted my beliefs, morphed, second-chancers, converts, transformed, new creature, new man, did a 180 with my life, new attitude, did a U-Turn, had a spiritual makeover.

Good News: how JC dying on the cross entitles you to a free ticket to heaven with no blackout dates. Also called the Gospel Message

As well as fun definitions like:

Praise the Lord Test: making teen girls lift up their hands to praise the Lord to evaluate if their tops are too scanty to be worn at a church function


Free Tasty Sample

Butt Dust What many children think God made people out of, due to their mis-interpretation of Psalm 103:14 He is mindful that we are but dust

Hip Youth Pastor: (HYP) the young guy at church with a clean shaven head, cool shades and Starbucks addiction who looks uncomfortable in a tie (male species).

Female Hip Youth Pastor: the bubbly young lady at church with gobs of artistic talent and no Starbucks addiction because she doesn't make as much money as her male counterpart and can't afford it.

Calvary: the place outside of Jerusalem where Jesus died on the cross, not to be confused with the city in Canada--Calgary or cavalry, which is troops trained to fight on horseback.

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